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Andy Hornby, Sian Phillips and Paul Sherwood are members of the Thursday Night Session at the Gregson in Lancaster.  As Rich Tea, they play a rich blend of tunes from  Europe & beyond and are available for pub and cafe gigs, concerts & private parties etc.
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Sian is a well known and respected street performer and music teacher.
Her main instrument is the piano accordion and she has a particular liking for Eastern European and Klezmer tunes (but she will play anything that takes her fancy!).

plays all kinds of French, Scandinavian and Klezmer music on Hurdy-Gurdy, mandolin and clarinet.

plays amongst other things,  mandolin, oud, charango, tenor banjo, Scottish small pipes and tin whistle. From his background in the traditional music of Europe and beyond and as a member of various ceilidh bands, he writes tunes with a wide range of influences for dancing and listening ( "Pheasant Feathers" a book of his tunes is now available)

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Listen to MP3s of Rich Tea

Alborada de Santa Maria        (trad Spanish arr Rich Tea)
An Alborada is a gentle kind of tune from from Northern Spain, traditionally played at dawn to welcome the day
(as if musicians could get up that early!!). This one is from Spanish band Milladoiro.
It was recorded at a concert in Lancaster Priory. Sian is playing the chamber organ.       accordion/mandolin /mandolin    
Agurra (Reverencia)              (Trad Basque  arr Rich Tea)
The tune to a balletic Basque dance where a chap dances to impress his  lady.                     accordion/mandolin/mandolin
Simon's Fandango                (Trad Basque  arr Rich Tea)
The Fandango is a faster dance from the Basque country not unlike the Italian Tarantella. We learned this from
Simon Booth, ace Lancaster melodian player  
3 Bourees                                     (France  arr Rich Tea)
A set of bourees from France.
Mazurka                 (Giles Chabenat, France  arr Rich Tea)
A nice major/minor French mazurka.

rt at priory
Forthcoming Gigs:

Rich Tea Bourée/ Blue Ribbon  (trad France arr Rich Tea)
We didn't know the name of the first one, but it had to be a
biscuit.  It's probably from Bourbon!

accordion/Scottish small pipes/ hurdy-gurdy
Rhum et Coco                       (Trad Guadeloupe arr Rich Tea)
Two Rumbas from the sunny FrenchCaribbean.           accordion/mandolin
Dinaresade                                    (trad Syrian  arr Rich Tea)
Like most of our instruments, much European traditional
music has its roots in  the Arab world.  This one from Syria,   
The Jocular Constable     (©Andy Hornby 2008  arr Rich Tea)
The Laughing Policeman's smarter brother!
You could dance a Schottishe to it.            accordion/mandolin

Tam Lin/ Reel Beatrice  (Trad Scots/Canada  arr Rich Tea)
 An interesting & driving Scottish reel (aka The Glasgow Reel)
 followed by a fun three part French-Canadian reel      
accordion/tenor banjo

Scotts Gurdy              (© Andy Hornby 2008 arr Rich Tea)
 Scott was the mastermind behind Lancaster's first hurdy-gurdy
 festival  We're not sure what sort of tune this is but it has an
Eastern European feel.                              accordion/mandolin                                                                   
Gwenda's Welcome           (© Andy Hornby 2008  arr Rich Tea)
Written for a well known Lancaster fiddler.  accordion/tin whistle